Edward O. "Eddie The Chopper" Orazem

Year Inducted: 1973
Nominated By: Sollie Raso
Sports Competed In: N/A
Athlete, Coach or Contributor: Contributor

Edward O. OrazemEdward O. Orazem

High School:
Attended Pueblo Central H.S., graduating in 1923.

● First full-time Sports Editor for The Pueblo Star Journal & Chieftain.
● Worked for 50 years as a Sports editor of The Pueblo Star-Journal.
● Started out at as a route carrier then moving on to an office boy, then mailer and high school correspondent.
● Started as full-time as a sports editor the day after high school graduation from Pueblo Centennial in the Spring of 1923.

Related Activities:
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Col. W.S. Kettering
Major Fred W. Huling
Oscar Heigstad
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Allison K. Binns
Sollie Raso

Johnny Rivas
Ed Lesar
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Tano Ozzello
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Jerry Ellis
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Red Eastlack
James "Spank" Blasing
Harry Simmons

Sports reporter and editor of The Pueblo Star Journal.


GPSA "O" By The Numbers

LEGEND: p = awarded posthumously; ^= attended first meeting; * = deceased;+ = charter member (placed after year inducted)

Ronald "Big O" Oreskovich (2017*)

Joseph “Swift” Michael Occhiato (2020*p)

Attended H.S. Inside Colorado
Tano Ozzello (1992*)
Trinidad H.S., Trinidad, CO

Ronald "Big O" Oreskovich (2017*p)

Ronald "Big O" Oreskovich (2017*p)

Charter Inductee
Edward A. "Ed" Orazem (1973*+)

Tano Ozzello (1992*)

Edward A. "Ed" Orazem (1973*+)

Ronald "Big O" Oreskovich (2017*p)

Ronald "Big O" Oreskovich (2017*p)



Attended Pueblo Central H.S.
Ronald "Big O" Oreskovich (2017*p)
Edward A. "Ed" Orazem (1973*+)

Honorees Inducted Posthumously
Joseph “Swift” Michael Occhiato (2020*p)
Ronald "Big O" Oreskovich (2017*p)


Honorees Deceased
Joseph “Swift” Michael Occhiato (2020*p)
Ronald "Big O" Oreskovich (2017*p)
Tano Ozzello (1992*)
Edward A. "Ed" Orazem (1973*+)

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