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GPSA Meetings

Below is a list of remaining meetings dates for the GPSA during the 2017 calendar year. All meeting held on the third Monday from Jan. to May and Aug. through Nov. in the GPSA at Massari Arena. Dates are subject to change if necessary.

 Aug. 21  Sept 18  Oct 16 Nov. 20 

Application Deadline

The deadline for nominations each year is Aug. 1.  Go to the Application Tab above to download and fill out an application today.

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Women in the Hall of Fame

Below is a list of women Honorees who have been inducted into the GPSA Hall of Fame:

Year Honoree Achievement
2014 Shelly Borton
Kendra Nogare-Drury
Shiloh Justice
Marie Lanham

2012 Ruth E. Shelton Competed in Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Coach
2011 Karen Lynn Griebel Competed in Gymnastic, Coach
2010 Becky Lynn Golob
Francis "Fran" Price
Competed in Basketball, Coach
Competed in Basketball, Coach
2004 Debra Snook Competed in Billiards
2002 Penny Zavichas Competed in Golf,  Coach
2001 Sonja Melton
Ethelyn Potestio
Competed in Gymnastic, Coach
1998 Dr. Kay Aguilar
Elizabeth "Liz" Villegas
Freda Hancock
Competed in Tennis, Coach
Volleyball Coach
Competed in Track, Coach
1997 Judy Hildner Contributor - Newspaper
1996 Jessie Banks Competed in Basketball, Coach
1995 Anne Beblavi Competed in Tennis, Coach
1994 Judy Fellhauer Competed in Cross Country, Coach
1992 Loree "Pi" Sanford Competed in Softball
1991 Lorraine Zabukovic Competed in Softball
1987 Isobel Simpson Competed in Golf
1986 Phyllis Long Competed in Archery
1985 Jody Lane
Pat Allsup
Contributor - Director of Swimming
Competed in Softball, Coach & Administrator
1983 Ruth Hulsey Competed in Rifle and Softball, Coach
1977 Ida J. Jones Competed in Bowling
1974 Floretta McCutcheon
Olga Tezak
Ethel Wentworth
Competed in Bowling, Coach
Competed in Golf
Competed in Rifle, Coach


Women in HOF Breakdown

Administrator Recipient
Pat Allsup (1986)


Archery Recipient
Phyllis Long (1986)


Billiard Recipient
Debra Snook (2004)


Gymnastics Recipient
Karten Lynn Griebel (2011)


Track Recipient
Freda Hancock (1998)


Volleyball Recipient
Ruth Shelton (2012)


Bowling Recipients
Ida J. Jones (1977)
Floretta McCutcheon (1974)


Rifle Recipients
Ruth Hulsey (1983)
Ethel Wentworth (974)


Tennis Recipients
Dr. Kay Aguilar (1998)
Anne Beblavi (995)


Contributor Recipients
Ethel Potestio (2001)
Judy Hildner (1997)
Jody Lane (1985)


Golf Recipients
Penny Zavichas (2002)
Isobel Simpson (1987)
Olga Tezak (1974)


Basketball Recipients
Ruth Shelton (2012)
Becky Lynn Golob (2010)
Francis "Fran" Price (2010)
Jessie Banks (1996)


Softball Recipients Each
Ruth Shelton (2012)
Loree "Pi" Sanford (1992)
Lorraine Zabukovic (1991)
Pat Allsup (1985)
Ruth Hulsey (1983)


Coaching Recipients
Ruth Shelton (2012)
Becky Lynn Golob (2010)
Francis "Fran" Price (2010)

Penny Zavichas (2002)
Sonja Melton (2001)
Dr. Kay Aguilar (1998)
Freda Hancock (1998)
Elizabeth 'Liz" Villegas (1998)
Jessie Banks (1996)
Anne Beblavi (1995)
Judy Fellhauer (1994)
Pat Allsup (1986)
Ruth Helsey (1983)
Floretta McCutcheon (1974)
Ethel Wentworth (1974)


Total women in Hall of Fame

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