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GPSA Meetings

Below is a list of remaining meetings dates for the GPSA during the 2017 calendar year. All meeting held on the third Monday from Jan. to May and Aug. through Nov. in the GPSA at Massari Arena. Dates are subject to change if necessary.

 Aug. 21  Sept 18  Oct 16 Nov. 20 

Application Deadline

The deadline for nominations each year is Aug. 1.  Go to the Application Tab above to download and fill out an application today.

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Brian Macartney Award

The GPSA began giving this award in 1977 and the name was changed in 1998 to the Brian Macartney Award. Brian was one of the founders of the GPSA and was an excellent worker and supporter to the GPSA until his death. The high school award became the Brian Macartney Award upon Brian's death January 23, 1998. Each high school in Pueblo County is encouraged to pick their best athlete, one boy and one girl, and submit their name and record to the GPSA. The GPSA votes and one boy and one girl are picked as the outstanding athletes in Pueblo County for the current year and receives the Brian Macartney Outstanding Athlete Award.


Year Female Winner, School Male Winner, School
2016 Jailen Minnich, East Samuel Bruno DeRose, East
2015 Cheyenne Talmadge, East Kevin Ribarich, East
2014 Kelsey Laughlin, East Keenan Willits, Pueblo County
2013 Taylor Leyva, Pueblo West Alec Williard, South
2012 Morgan Patterson, South Corey Laughlin, East
2011 Sarah Pigg, Rye
Alexa Synder, East
Mike Cernoia, Pueblo West
2010 Megan Tapia, South Mitch Secora, East
2009 Sarah Housman, South Marshall Stout, Pueblo County
2008 Kati Eickelman, East Tony Chavarria, Pueblo West
2007 Shay Miles, Central Bobby Aragon, Central
2006 Christi Zinanti, Pueblo West Brandon Smith, Central
2004 Sarah Eickelman, East Kory Sperry, Pueblo County
2003 Lauren Dunsmoor, Pueblo West John Grando, South
2002 Jenna Bimbi, Centennial Zach Brockman, South
Travis Wothler, Centennial
2001 Jennifer Marich, South Bobby Solano, Central
2000 Micaela Morenz, South Blake Ottersberg, South
1999 Sarah Vigil, East Matt Garcia, South
1998 Jenny Fielder, Rye
Kari Gonzales, South
Sandy Sopko, Pueblo County
Mike Van Manen, Centennial
1997 Niki Toussaint, Pueblo County Marvin Brown, Central
1996 Jessica Flores, Central
Sara Garcia, Centennial
Stephanie Hawkins, East
Shannon Poteet, Pueblo County
Casey Cortese, Central
John Haynes, East
John Pappas, Centennial
Tucker Roberts, Pueblo County
Craig Swift, Rye
1995 Timmie-Jo Miller, South Clint Brown, Pueblo County
1994 Tia Morenz, South Christopher Borton, South
1993 Darla Spillman, South Anthony Ribaudo,Rye
1992 DeeDee Dominguez, South Brian Kasic, Central
1991 Heidi Halus, South Darius Williams, Central
1990 Beth Thiebaut, South Jerome Howes, Pueblo County
1989 Jennifer Alvarado, Rye
Stacy Madrid, Centennial
Rory Brown, Pueblo County
Jason Weaver, East
Thomas Williams, Centennial
1988 Kathleen Hancock, Centennial
Amy Kobylinkski, East
Jack Drury, Pueblo County
Ngalu Kelemeni, Centennial
1987 Jennifer Chambers, Centennial Mark Rodriquez, South
1986 Karen Borgstead, Centennial
Shelle Borton, South
Chris Haering, South
1985 Nancy Connor, Pueblo County
Mary Mutz, Centennial
Jeff Bonacquista, South
Charles Puga III, Central
1984 Linda Lehrmeier, Centennial
Sarah Munoz, Central
Ron Downs, Pueblo County
1983 Kimberly Jones, South John Parlapiano, South
1982 Tracy Lown, Central Robert Jansen, South
1981 Tawnya Muhic, Pueblo County John C. Brennan, South
Jim Hruby, Centennial
1980 Jessica Dover, Rye Jerry Kersey, Rye
1979 Dana Derichsweiler, East
Sharla Dix, South
Mark DeRose, East
Ed Reinert, South
1978 Tawnya Gilliland, South Raymond "Eddie" Lewiis, Central
1977 Freda Hancock, Centennial David Netherton, Easy

Macartney Breakdown

Athletes from same school win
Jailen Minnich, Samuenl Briuno DeRose 
East H.S. (2016)
Cheyyene Talmadge, Kevin Ribarich 
East H.S. (2015)
Shay Miles, Bobby Aragon
Central H.S. (2007)
Miceala Morenz, Blake Ottersburg
South H.S. (2000)
Kimberly Jones, John Parlapiano
South H.S. (1983)
Jessica Dover, Jerry Kersey
Rye H.S. (1980)


Pueblo West H.S.
3 girls/2 boys
Taylor Leyba (2013)
Mike Cernoia (2011)
Tony Chavarria (2007)
Christie Zinanti (2006)
Lauren Dunsmoor (2003)


Rye H.S.
4 girls/3 boys
Sarah Pigg (2011)
Jenny Fielder (1988)
Craig Swift (1996)
Anthony Ribaudo, Jr. (1993)
Jennifer Alvarado (1989)
Jessica Dover (1980)
Jerry Kersey (1980)


Central H.S.
10 boys/4 girls
Bobby Aragon (2007)
Shay Miles (2007)
Brandon Smith (2006)
Chaz Miles (2005)
Bobby Solano (2001)
Marvin Brown (1997)
Casey Cortese (1996)
Jessica Flores (1996)
Brian Kasic (1992)
Darius Williams (1991)
Charles Puga III (1985)
Sarah Munoz (1984)
Tracy Lown (1982)
Raymond "Eddie" Lewis (1978)

Pueblo County H.S.
9 boys/5 girls
Keenan Willits (2014)
Marshall Stout (2009)
Kory Sperry (2004
Sandy Sopko (1998)
Niki Toussaint (1997)
Tucker Roberts (1996)
Shannon Poteet (1996)
Clint Brown (1995)
Jerome Howes (1990)
Rory Brown (1989)
Jack Drury (1988)
nancy Conner (1985)
Ron Down (1984)
Tawnya Muhic (1981)


Centennial H.S.
9 girls/6 boys
Jenna Bimbi (2002)
Travis Wolther (2002)
Mike Van Manen (1998)
John Pappas (1996)
Sara Garcia (1996)
Thomas Williams (1989)
Stacy Madrid (1989)
Ngalu Kelemeni (1988)
Kathleen Hancock (1988)
Jennifer Chambers (1987)
Karen Borgstead (1986)
Mary Mutz (1985)
Linda Lehrmeier (1984)
Jim Hrurby (1981)
Freda Hancock (1977)


East H.S.
11 girls/8 boys
Jailen Minnich (2016)
Samuel Bruno DeRose (2016)
Cheyenne Talmadge (2014)
Kevin Ribarich (2015)
Kelsey Laughlin (2014)
Corey Laughlin (2012)
Alexa Synder (2011)
Mitch Secora (2010)
Kati Eickelman (2008)
Amanda Martinez (2005)
Sarah Eickelman (2004)
Sarah Vigil (1999)
John Haynes (1996)
Stephanie Hawkins (1996)
Jason Weaver (1989)
Amy Kobylinski (1988)
Mark DeRose (1979)
Dana Derichsweiler (1979)
David Netherton (1977)


South H.S.
16 girls/14 boys
Alec Willard (2013)
Megan Patterson (2012)
Megan Tapia (2010)
Sarah Housman (2009)
John Grando (2003)
Zach Brockman (2002)
Jennifer Marich (2001)
Micalea Morenz (2000)
Blake Ottersberg (2000)
Matt Garcia (1999)
Kari Gonzales (1998)
Timmie-Jo Miller (1995)
Tia Morenz (1994)
Christopher Borton (1994)
Darla Spillman (1993)
DeeDee Dominguez (1992)
Heidi Halus (1991)
Beth Thiebaut (1990)
Mark Rodriquez (1987)
Shelley Borton (1986)
Chris Haering (1986)
Jeff Bonacquista (1985)
Kimberly Jones (1983)
John Parlapiano (1983)
Robert Jansen (1982)
John C. Brennan (1981)
Sharla Dix (1979)
Ed Reinert (1979)
Tawnya Gilliland (1978)

Total H.S. Inductees to date

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